The top submissions have now been shortlisted and you can explore the full list below. The final winners, who will be granted a SEK 2 million prize, will be presented on October 1st.

The shortlist.


Blixt Tech

Submission: Blixt Panel

Blixt is the first company to develop miniature, solid state circuit breakers and solid state multidirectional voltage converters enabling full software control of electricity for the residential market. The BLIXT Smart panel replaces conventional technologies, such as mechanical circuit breakers, sub meters and smart controllers. It is an all-in-one solution for the short and long-term transformation of the energy grid, enabling fully digital and controllable grid edge and enhanced electrical safety.

Interview (In Swedish)

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Submission: Cheap sustainable fuel cells

The energy grid cannot handle unlimited amounts of renewable energy due to the mismatch in supply and demand without an energy storage solution. Using hydrogen as the energy carrier has been hindered by slow political acceptance and high component costs. The political will is now changing and Celcibus is addressing the cost of fuel cells.

We have developed a fuel cell catalyst without the need for noble metals like platinum. This means lower materials cost, simpler recycling and no issues with conflict minerals.

Interview (in Swedish)
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Submission: Elonroad

We want to transport people and goods safely and sustainably. There is a great global urgency for transportation to become sustainable, but battery prices, lack of raw materials and immature charging infrastructures are slowing down development. We can make a global impact by delivering smart roads with dynamic charging that can be used by all kinds of vehicles and are accessible for everyone to use. 
Elonroad can be the green and lean charging infrastructure our world needs to move forward.

Interview (in Swedish)
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Submission: Lepido

Enjay’s first innovation, Lepido, is a self-cleaning recovery coil, adapted for restaurant ventilation, enabling an end to the waste of energy. The delivered effect per converted restaurant varies from 17 to 106 kilowatts, lowering the average annual CO₂ emissions by circa 34 metric tons. Lepido is free of maintenance, making every recycled kilowatt-hour a financial saving as well. Property owners worldwide can thus simultaneously save money and contribute to a better climate.
Put to use widespread, Lepido enables an annual reduction of CO₂ emissions by 500 million metric tons.

Interview (in Swedish)
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Submission: Repurposed Li-ion Batteries

We want to ensure that Li-ion batteries are used to their fullest potential in order to create a sustainable energy transition. We want to show the tremendous possibility of utilising second hand batteries for energy storage systems. Currently, most of the Li-ion batteries are only used in a single application, greatly misusing the complete invested resources in the production of the batteries. By using batteries in a second life application, we want to help the energy transition become both more sustainable as well as economically feasible in the future.

Interview (in Swedish)
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Rebase Energy

Submission: Enertopian

Decarbonisation, decentralisation, digitalisation and deregulation are driving positive change in the energy industry. But they are also posing challenges with grid instability, grid congestion and volatile energy markets. A new era of smart grids is needed to pave the way to a 100% renewable and robust energy system.

Rebase Energy (previously Greenlytics), has developed Enertopian, the world’s first and only developer community platform to empower the energy innovators of tomorrow. The platform supports smart grid applications like microgrids, building energy management, energy trading and includes data from weather, assets and markets as well as an open source toolkit.

Interview (in Swedish)
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Peafowl Solar Power

Submission: Enabling smart buildings by sustainable sensor power

Buildings account for 36% of CO₂ emissions globally. Existing smart building technology offers the potential to create sustainable cities. However, implementation of this technology is hindered since the current power solution – batteries – is unsustainable to scale for the trillions of sensors needed. We have developed a printable, fully transparent solar cell that can be integrated into sensors as an invisible power solution. This allows smart building technology to be implemented in existing buildings in a non-intrusive way, enabling sustainable digitalisation that will make our societies safer and greener without compromises in living standard.

Interview (in Swedish)
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Submission: Tvinn Nebula

The cloud-based energy management platform Tvinn Nebula optimizes the usage and production of electricity and controls the charge and discharge of energy storage. The purpose of the system is to use energy smarter and to release capacity and create flexibility that can offer cost savings, be used to charge electric vehicles or increase production in a factory.

The system also offers revenue optimization for renewable energy production and the opportunity for new secondary sources of revenue by offering flexibility and capacity to the electric grid. As an example, this can offer up to 50% better ROI when investing in energy storage.

Interview (in Swedish)
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The Challenge.

Startup 4 Climate is aimed at startups and young companies with ideas that can speed up the energy transition and steer the development towards the global goal of 1,5-degree warming.

The energy transition encompasses initiatives that promote the switch from current energy and transport systems to those systems and solutions that are smarter, more efficient and more climate friendly.

The shortlisted submissions will pitch their ideas to a jury of experts from the fields of entrepreneurship, energy, green technology and climate action. The winning startups will be granted a SEK 2 million prize to help catalyze their ideas and contribute to the energy transition.

The win-win.

What’s in it for you?

The best submissions will be shortlisted and have the opportunity to pitch their ideas to our jury of experts. Participants will also have the opportunity to interact with two of Sweden’s most well-known energy companies, learn about their approach to the future of energy, tap into their networks as well as be fronted in their news content.

The final winners will share a prize of SEK 2 million, as well as 3 hours of coaching from a jury member, to help catalyze their ideas and contribute to the energy transition.

What’s in it for GodEl & Ellevio?

As two of the Swedish energy market’s most well-known actors we have a great responsibility in shaping the future of the sector. We want to promote the transition to a truly sustainable energy system, but we can’t do it alone.

Innovation and wide-spread engagement are key aspects for curbing the global climate crisis. Therefore we want to catalyze more actors and contribute to initiatives that can enable our common goals for a sustainable future.

The timeline.

  • 5/5Challenge opens for submissions
  • 1/7Deadline for submissions
  • 15/8Top submissions are shortlisted
  • 15/9Shortlisted startups pitch their ideas to jury of experts
  • 1/10Final event where the winners are presented and receive
    their prize (in Stockholm)

About / Collaborators


GodEl is Sweden’s 11th biggest and most sustainable electricity company. It is owned by the Good Cause foundation that obliges subsidiaries to donate all dividends to charitable purposes. As of May 2019 all GodEl electricity contracts are climate positive, meaning that 110 % of the total carbon footprint is being offset.


Ellevio AB is one of Sweden’s largest distribution network operators. Ellevio invests in, develops and maintains the company’s power grids in order to ensure a reliable electricity supply to its 962,000 customers. By investing in a long-term sustainable power grid Ellevio works to improve the quality of life for its customers as well as to enable the ongoing energy transformation and the continued digitization of the society.


THINGS is the #1 industry focused deep tech and innovation hub in Sweden. They are a 2,000m2 co-working space for startups, connected to an extended community of close corporate partners, including some of the most successful and innovative export companies in Sweden. THINGS is committed to disruptive innovation and technologies, which are driving the digital transformation.