We have our winners!
Not one, but two startups take home the grand prize in the first ever edition of the innovation challenge Startup 4 Climate. Check out the videos below to learn more about the winners and why their energy solutions have taken them all the way to the final.

The winners.


Submission: Lepido

Enjay is a Malmö-based company that has developed an energy recovery system for the restaurant industry. The energy that normally disappears through the ventilation can now be put to good use by the innovation “Lepido”. By re-cycling the energy back into the restaurant, Lepido offers important savings in both energy costs and CO₂ emissions.


Peafowl Solar Power

Submission: Enabling smart buildings by sustainable sensor power

Peafowl Solar Power from Uppsala have developed transparent solar cells. Their main focus is to deploy the solar cells as facilitators of smart control of buildings, thereby making the buildings as energy efficient and climate-friendly as possible. Smart control of buildings can save enormous amounts of energy and costs that is currently spent on inefficient heating, ventilation and air conditioning.

The Challenge.

Startup 4 Climate is aimed at young companies with ideas that can speed up the energy transition and steer the development towards the global goal of 1,5-degree warming.

The energy transition encompasses initiatives that promote the switch from current energy and transport systems to solutions that are smarter, more efficient and more climate friendly.

This year, eight of the best submissions pitched their ideas to a jury of experts from the fields of entrepreneurship, energy, green technology and climate action. The two winning startups were granted a SEK 2 million prize to help catalyze their ideas and contribute to the energy transition.

The win-win.

What’s in it for you?

The best submissions are shortlisted and have the opportunity to pitch their ideas to our jury of experts. Participants will also have the opportunity to interact with two of Sweden’s most well-known energy companies, learn about their approach to the future of energy, tap into their networks as well as be fronted in their news content.

The final winners will share a prize of SEK 2 million, as well as 3 hours of coaching from a jury member, to help catalyze their ideas and contribute to the energy transition.

What’s in it for GodEl & Ellevio?

As two of the Swedish energy market’s most well-known actors we have a great responsibility in shaping the future of the sector. We want to promote the transition to a truly sustainable energy system, but we can’t do it alone.

Innovation and wide-spread engagement are key aspects for curbing the global climate crisis. Therefore we want to catalyze more actors and contribute to initiatives that can enable our common goals for a sustainable future.

About / Collaborators


GodEl is Sweden’s 9th biggest and most sustainable electricity company. It is owned by the Good Cause foundation that obliges subsidiaries to donate all dividends to charitable purposes. As of May 2019 all GodEl electricity contracts are climate positive, meaning that 110 % of the total carbon footprint is being offset.


Ellevio AB is one of Sweden’s largest distribution network operators. Ellevio invests in, develops and maintains the company’s power grids in order to ensure a reliable electricity supply to its 962,000 customers. By investing in a long-term sustainable power grid Ellevio works to improve the quality of life for its customers as well as to enable the ongoing energy transformation and the continued digitization of the society.


THINGS is the #1 industry focused deep tech and innovation hub in Sweden. They are a 2,000m2 co-working space for startups, connected to an extended community of close corporate partners, including some of the most successful and innovative export companies in Sweden. THINGS is committed to disruptive innovation and technologies, which are driving the digital transformation.